Paragon Compact

As the Dawn War (the battle between fiends and the couatls and their dragon allies) came to a close, some of the remaining couatls established contingencies so that the newly forming humanoid races could defend themselves should threats once again appear. One of these contingencies was the creation of the City of Argent and the establishment of the Paragon Compact. This agreement between all of the civilized people of the world put in place a mutual defence pact, with Argent as its first line of Defence. This agreement between all of the civilized races of Eberron put in place a mutual defensive pact, with Argent as the first line of defense.

According to the compact it was the duty of every nation to provide champions to serve as guardians and agents of Argent. In practice, heroes volunteered or were selected through a varity of means to take their place on the Walls of Argent. Aerenal, Dhakaani, Sarlona, Mror Holds – all these Ancient Empires including some that have not existed for Millenia. Galifar is the last signature added to the compact when it was a new nation some 1000 years ago. All sent heroes to serve under the City of Argent.

The Giant civilization in Xen’drik was the first rulers of the city of Argent, and their masterful creations and magical capabilities learned from the dragons formed the city itself. Over 40 centuries ago now, the Giant civilization in Xen’drik was invaded by powerful, alien creatures from the plane of dreams, known as the Quori. The giants used every resource they had, including the city of Argent to battle the Quori forces. The giants, losing the battle against the invaders from the Plane of Dreams, sought to use powerful dragon-magic to close off the portal to the plane and end the reinforcements of their Quori invaders. Not fully understanding the magic they were wielding, the giants caused massive devastation to the lands of Xen’drik, but were successful in ending the Quori Invasion. The giants were not fully successful, though, as their civilization was in ruins after the war. Once again, the giants went to use dragon-magic to rebuild their lands.

Fearing another devastating aftershock from the misguided use of their magic, the dragons attacked the giants before they could cause any more harm. The dragons’ attacks were ruthless and efficient, and the giant civilization of Xen’drik fell completely. The once proud lords of Xen’drik fell into barbarism and ferocity, their once proud nation completely in ruins.

The few remaining couatls and dragons rebuilt Argent and gave over the rule to the fledgling races of humanoids. The city was now filled with goblinoids from Dhakaan, elves from Aerenal, dragonborn from Argonnessen and humanoids from Sarlona. The purpose and nobility of Argent restored, the dragons fled into hiding into their mysterious continent to contemplate the Prophecy, leaving Argent to the mortal races.

As the ages of Eberron passed, so too did the rulers and Silver Cloaks of Argent. As nations came and went, the humans of the Nation of Galifar established the predominant rule in Argent. Each nation sent their heroes to serve for a brief time in defending the entire world from the greatest threats imaginable, and Argent knew peace and prosperity. Even as the Dragonmark houses were established, they too would send representatives to serve as Silver Cloaks in Argent’s defense.

As the lands of Khorvaire flourished under the rule of the Nations of Galifar and the mercantilism of the Dragonmark Houses, Argent was nearly forgotten. In a time of peace and prosperity, the defense against creatures of myth and legend were no longer needed. Fewer and fewer representatives came to the city of Argent to serve as Silver Cloaks.

And then the Last War began. As the nations of Galifar fractured and broke apart, fighting a never ending war, Argent was completely forgotten. Almost a full century has gone by now, with no one returning to Argent to serve as Silver Cloaks.

Only a few remained faithful to its existence. They had no proof, and none living knew it in fact it was, they had been taught about the Compact and the Lost City for their entire lives. They call themselves The Collective.

And now, as Argent sits alone and deserted, abandoned by the lands of Khorvaire, a new threat has emerged. Obanar, the last defender of Argent, has sent a calling to the Heroes of Eberron. He feels that he may no longer be up to the challenge before him. He doesn’t believe he can win, but he knows that he can’t fail. For if Argent falls, Eberron soon follows.

Paragon Compact

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