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Season 3
Revenge of the Giants

WinterHaven has been saved and flourishes; House Cannith has been served; Lives have been altered; While the Forespoken Knights of WinterHaven have still not discerned who or what wiped their memories all those years ago, a new threat appears on the horizon; an ancient threat, a threat whose roots stretch back to before the founding of Khorvaire and the lost city.

Called by Obanar, the Last Gaurdian or the City of Argent, to be it’s new Champions The Knights find themselves with new titles and new Quests.

Giants have begun to roam the world as a unified force once more, unified by an evil as old as time. Cities are under seige, the delicate peace holding the 12 nations together is unhinging, our heroes have been called once more to save not only the city, but the entire world.

Welcome to Dragon’s Last Flight…

Welcome to Eberron.

The cauldron of the thirteen dragons boils
until one of the five beasts fighting over a single bone becomes a thing of desolation.

Desolation spreads over that land like wildfire, like plague,
and Eberron bears the scar of it for thirteen cycles of the Battleground.

Life ceases within its bounds,
and ash covers the earth.

The Draconic Prophecy

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