Reading Spectacles "Korranberg Shufflers"

Multilense Goggles of Translation


Slot: Head
Property: You can read any language while wearing this item. (subject to houserule)


Item Description

Current Day, Winterhaven

Using illicit information Basta encountered while a scribe in Korranberg, he and Fayde have enchanted this pair of glasses. They now have 4 consecutive lenses appended to each eyepiece; the lenses slide in and out of focus, magically rearranging written words into a form which the reader can understand.


While investigating the contents of the Bull’s Library in the old mansion, Basta was struck by his complete inability to understand or translate any of the archaic script. Not a terribly flattering position for a former member of House Sivis to find himself in, but one he had found himself in before: Where old Cannith Magisters sought to withhold their knowledge, the Artificers of new Cannith found a way to provide.

-A year prior, Korranberg Library

Basta remembered seeing the senior scribes of House Sivis using awkward glasses with multiple lenses while reading ancient or foreign texts. At the time, the other sub-scribes joked that the glasses were used by the seniors in order to be able to see through the choking miasma of their own self-importance. While Elrick agreed that a pair of magical glasses which could achieve that would be extremely valuable, clearly the cost would be enormous. The glasses had to serve another purpose. His Gnomish curiosity had been kicked into overdrive, he had to get his hands on a pair.

Relying on his cunning and a series of small bribes, Elrick managed to procure the key to the office of his mentor, Creston Carawickett. Once Elrick quietly opened the door, he immediately saw, lying on the desk, a pair of the marvelous glasses that he so coveted. An old book, left open, lay beside it.

As Elrick cautiously approached the desk, he noticed a heading in the book:
Reading Spectacles of the Polyglot – Preston d’Cannith; A picture of glasses was on the page; identical to the ones lying on the table. The book described the function of the glasses, the history of their development, the incomprehensible sigildry used in their creation.. Elrick’s eyes flicked anxiously towards the Spectacles; he had walked into a trap.

“I knew you were one to keep an eye on, Elrick.” resonated a surprisingly deep gnomish voice from the back of the room. Creston stepped forward, letting the shadows fall away. “I knew what I was getting when I took you on; you show promise when you are working in the stacks, a credit to the House. But there are Gnomes who can’t separate themselves from the thrill of secrets, even small ones. You are one of those Gnomes, Elrick. You can’t be trusted.”

Elrick blustered as if it were all a misunderstanding, something easily explained away. Terjen cut him off, speaking directly: “Your disciplinary hearing over the Prophecy business is at the end of the week. It doesn’t look good. The committee is going to blacklist you and expunge you from record.”.

Elrick’s heart plummeted. All of the work the House had subjected him to, and they were casting him aside? He hadn’t even done anything wrong! Well, at least nothing really bad, nothing bad he couldn’t fix, anyways.

But at the mention of his “independant research”, dismay turned to indignant fury: “My research into the Apocalypse prophecy is important! I was trying to warn people, trying to save them! And and and.. You think you can just stop me? You think you can just throw me out? I won’t stop!”.

While Elrick continued to spit bile, Creston turned to his personal library. A small pile of books soon grew into a formidable stack of knowledge in his hands. “I’m counting on it.”, Creston muttered cryptically to himself before dropping the 3 foot tall pile of books on the desk.
Elrick gaped at the looming pile, confusion overcoming the anger he felt. “You’re going to want to read these before your hearing. You won’t be allowed back in the library when it’s over.”.

Elrick looked at the book at the top of the pile: Adventurer’s Guide to Khorvaire: Flora and Fauna of the Eldeen Reaches

“Oh, and Elrick.. The guards asked me to tell you not to bribe anyone with copper anymore. It’s insulting.”.

Reading Spectacles "Korranberg Shufflers"

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