Nightmare-ward Hide Armour


Nightmare-ward Hide Armour
Armour Bonus: 3
Enhancement: +1 AC

Properties: +5 resist to psychic, +2 item bonus to saving throws against charm, fear, or psychic effects.


When at last the despot Ketorylak lay dead at my feet, I drew one of my sacred blades from its scabbard at my back and took the Dragonborn’s skin. This hide I now wear as a reminder of what I did that day, overcoming great evil to tear down a reign of terror. Those people named me Nightmare-ward, the one who drove away the demons. Some of that demonic power lingers in the scales of my quarry, so lost was he in the empty wastes of Khyber’s twisted thrall. That power is now mine, and while I have no love of the demons that imbued my armour thus, it is true to the hunter’s code: if the quarry is worthy it will make you stronger, and with this strength you shall seek a new quarry. One day soon you may be the quarry, and if you are worthy the strength will be tested. One day the hunter becomes the hunted. Long live Balinor.

Nightmare-ward Hide Armour

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