Hydra Armour

Black Hydra Armour


Crafted from the scales of a Black Dragon dwelling in the Blackcap Mountains, this armour is truly the work of an elite blacksmith. The matte black scales overlap each other giving it a cold, dark steel appearance to the beholder, yet glisten in the moonlight during the dark night. Covering the entire chest, torso and arms, the armour supplies superior protection while giving surprisingly incredible comfort and flexibility.


Due to the fact that Tarck made this armour specifically for Cid, particular scales are chiseled down, exposing their inner silver core, in a unique ‘flame-like’ pattern. Light blue acrylic paint was then brushed onto the scales to give the design a calming blue appearance. Even though there is nothing ‘holy’ about this armour, Cid is quite pleased with its aesthetics.

Hydra Armour

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