Glinlach, Deadly Glimmer

A stringless Longbow of the purest silver that glows with arcane light.

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 1d10
Proficiency Bonus: 2
Range: 20/40
Properties: Load Free
Enhancement: +3 Attack/Damage rolls
Critical: 3d6

Trigger – An ally you see makes an attack roll.
Effect – You and the triggering ally gain combat advantage against the triggering ally’s target until the end of your next turn. In addition, you both gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to 5 plus the number of unique items from this set on your next attack.


The Forespoken Knights have taken upon the themselves responsibility as the Champions of Argent. Obanar of Argent presents us with weapons forged from the Skystone they recovered, and to me he brings a long object wrapped carefully in dusty red velvet. This is a gift such as I have never taken; there are no such items in the tangled woodlands of the Wild. As I reverently remove the wrapping the weapon reveals itself gradually among the folds: A longbow of vicious elegance, a stave of pure and ornately-wrought silver…but seemingly without a string. Baffled, I take hold of the grip and the bow becomes one with my hand, flawless in weight and balance. My hand moves, caressing the string as I visualize it…and it springs into being under my touch!
In one swift motion I have loosed an arrow that a moment before did not exist; it wings across the courtyard and plucks an apple from the tree, pinning it to the mortared stone beyond. I gaze at the weapon in my hand with wonder. That same instant it seems to perceive me as well, and hums with an energy like the wind among a flight of restless birds. The bow has a soft glow about it also, the same cold glimmer as the stars that hang in the sign of The Hunter. This bow will serve me well. It is a weapon wrought for The Hunt.

Glinlach, Deadly Glimmer

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