Flame of Life

Amulet of the Silver Flame


A small Amulet made out of something that looks like silver, yet is not an identifiable metal. It is warm to the touch, even in the cold of winter, when the wearer is emotional it flares with the emotion.

Item is an Artifact

+2 to all heal checks.
All heal checks made to stabilize a dying ally are granted a bonus to thier healing surge total equal to your charisma modifier

Daily: minor action Allows the wearer a re-roll to a failed death save.
minor action Allows the wearer to spend a healing surge to to grant a team mate a save on a failed death save.


This Amulet was left to Cid from his mother, other than his childhood memories it is all he has of her. It had not been anything more than a mystery until recently when he discovered its power. Whether it was responding to his desire not to lose a loved one of has a mind of its own is not known yet.

Flame of Life

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