Cumoth, Duskbow

weapon (ranged)

Entrapping Longbow +3
Damage: 1d10
Proficiency Bonus: 2
Range: 20/40
Properties: Load Free
Enhancement: +3 Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls
Critical: +1d6 Damage per plus, or the target is restrained until the end of your next turn.


Carefully formed out of the dark grey wood of the yew trees found on the fringes of Q’Barra’s Basura Swamp, this horn-tipped longbow was a gift. In my third year of traversing the humid greenwood of that forsaken land I crossed paths with a Dragonborn warlord calling himself Ketorylak. He and his thrall of demon-worshippers had the gentler souls of that area locked into a destructive cycle of sacrifice and slavery. They called themselves government, but governments are people; these were animals. I slew the despot and his reptilian consort and freed the people. Yes, I have been a saviour of the people once before, but under different circumstances. My life then was rage and survival, and when confronted with the animal I did what I knew best. Among the people was a spellcaster, and the next time that I travelled through those parts the old man presented me with this bow. “Cumoth”, he called it, in the language of the ancients. The bow that holds the quarry close at hand while the daylight of their life dwindles into dusk and night closes around them. A weapon worthy of a hunter.

Cumoth, Duskbow

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