Dragon's Last Flight

Interlude: The Last Guardian

Explanations and more questions

Obanar leads his new heroes out of the vault. “There is not more we can do at the moment. I have re-established the cities defences. We have time. Come, let me give you some hospitality and share with you our situation.”

He and Rrowthar bring you into a room high atop the Guardian’s Tower. They supply refreshments and comfortable lounges to relax on. The window show the sun setting over the Talenta Plains.

Scathe is the first to speak up as the others eat, “So, who are you? I know your name and little else.”

Obanar suddenly looks slightly older as he smiles and he sits down on a lounge, now out of his armour, “I am Obanar, last guardian of ”/campaign/dragons-last-flight/wikis/argent" class=“wiki-page-link”>Argent. More than one hundred and twenty five years ago, the Kingdom of Galafar sent me here as a champion. Galafar, as all nations before it, supplied Argent with champions to honour its obligations to the Paragon Compact."

“I’ve studied a lot of history, I’ve never heard of that. What’s the Paragon Compact.” asked Basta, his blue eyes softly giving off there steady glow, his voice low and almost mechanical.

Obanar’s smile became one of mischief almost. “The histories you know have been…controlled if you will. The Paragon Compact goes back to the war between the Dragons and the Giants. The Dawn War as some call it. While the dragons took the majority of the battle upon themselves they thought it was what the Draconic Prophecy had decreed, and many of the other Nations were still far too young to help. The Compact changed that. As the war ended many of the Gods, yes they did exist here at one time, came down and sat with the Dragons, Kalashtar, Elves, Humans, and even Goblins to set up a defence of the world against threats that go beyond the usual fare fo brigands and uprisings. Threats that could destroy the world, such as demons, aberrations, and ravaging primordials. Every civilized nation has always provided champions to serve in Argent and take up the Silver Cloaks. But the compact has been broken. No one has come to Argent to stand by my side or take my place for well over a century. Galafar, and the other Nations, have forgotten their Oaths, and I am ashamed for my homeland.” His smile dissipating near the end he looked sad, like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders alone.

Rrowthar must have sensed his old friend’s feelings because he came very quickly with some tea for the old champion.

“So this city…” Fayde piped up ending the silence that had entered the room, “this is Argent, you’re the last of a line of Champions sent to guard against,” he held up his fingers making quotes in the air, " ‘the big type’ of threats. You know Galafar fell 104 years ago right? The continent you are in has fractured into many different states."

“Galafar has fallen? That would explain much.” He looked at the group with a grave expression, “and it makes what I must ask you to do even more dangerous and important.”

Cid looked at Obanar closely now, “And what is it you would have us do?”

“Instead you should ask yourself what can you not do? a new threat has come to light. The giants have become together in such numbers that has not been seen since the Dawn War. Earth Giants have already struck here at Argent, and I believe they are marching on other key locations throughout the land. I fear that the giants and their elemental allies have conspired to free a primordial from its ancient prison. This cannot be allowed to pass.

You are worthy champions, powerful and noble. It is time fro you to put aside other needs and aspirations, for Argent has need for you in this Time of peril. If the giants rampage freely thousands of innocents shall die. And if the primordial is set free then the cost of life shall increase a hundredfold. More over, the primordial has the power and ability to organize the scattered forces of the Elemental Chaos into an army capable of starting a new Dawn War. We cannot allow that to happen!"

Darrow nodded thoughtfully, his mind already made up. “We that settles that then I guess,” he looked back at his new friends then returned his focus to Obanar, “So, what happens next?”


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