Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 35: Here There Be Giants

Tracking Giants...not as easy as it sounds...

Characters: Scathe, Fayde, Darrow, Ak’raa, Rrendär
Game Date: 1/04/12
10 miles South of Argent
Aryth 20, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • deciding to take the battle on the offensive the heroes head out after the Hill Giants who keep attacking the city. Maybe end the offensives or at least discover who instigated the attacks and perhaps find the piece of divine engine
  • the heroes confer a bit further with Obanar before heading out starting off in the direction the hill giants had fled earlier.
  • they find the supply trail and through some guidance from Scathe the group manages to stay hidden from the first couple patrols they see.
  • the next one they come across is a couple of Hill Giants tossing orders to a unit of Ogres. With the suave tones and slick words that Fayde and Scathe have excelled at over the last year they quickly have the Hill Giants convinced that they are edible entertainment for tonight’s feast. The giants seemed happy with that. The ogres seemed happy “forgetting the team was even there” < stupid crit fails by the GM >
  • of course now that the Giants are willing targets, the team attacks. They do quick work of the Unit and take a prisoner of one of their foe
  • They find out from the Hill Giant that there is a path leading up to the compound and there are two ogres and a hill giant guarding.the gates
  • arriving at the compound, Scathe confirmed what the Ogre told them. The compound is constructed of thick logs, with solid walls and a slanted roof.
  • Thanks to the infpormation gained the team wass able to get the drop on the gaurds. While the Hill Giant barked orders at the Ogres the group got temseves set fo a surpattack.
  • Once t antregined his senses h moved to te gate of the compouind an opened it up. A familiar looking Drake jumped out and started to attack.
  • as the battle raged on and the Ogres fell the Hill Giant fled into to the compound. Fayde recognized the drake as Skaar. < See Chapter 7: Fayding Visions >
  • Scathe noticed an amulet embedded into Skaar’s scales in his neck. He stabs at it < stupid 20s > and manages to break it, Skaar snaps out of the control he was under and becomes his friendly (at least to Scathe and Fayde) self, the other three he looks at with trepidation.
  • The alarm sounds within the compound…

Memorable lines:

  • “We’re dinner, we just figured we would save the time and come to you rather than making you work for it and come to find us” Fayde to the Hill Giant Unit the team met up with
  • “We done with questions? Can I kill him now?” Rrendär to Scathe & Fayde as they discuss what to do with the Ogre prisoner they took.
  • “Ssssstache…”
    “That’s two.” — Skaar & Scathe interacting after the control amulet was broken.

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