Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 35: Here There Be Giants
Tracking Giants...not as easy as it sounds...

Characters: Scathe, Fayde, Darrow, Ak’raa, Rrendär
Game Date: 1/04/12
10 miles South of Argent
Aryth 20, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • deciding to take the battle on the offensive the heroes head out after the Hill Giants who keep attacking the city. Maybe end the offensives or at least discover who instigated the attacks and perhaps find the piece of divine engine
  • the heroes confer a bit further with Obanar before heading out starting off in the direction the hill giants had fled earlier.
  • they find the supply trail and through some guidance from Scathe the group manages to stay hidden from the first couple patrols they see.
  • the next one they come across is a couple of Hill Giants tossing orders to a unit of Ogres. With the suave tones and slick words that Fayde and Scathe have excelled at over the last year they quickly have the Hill Giants convinced that they are edible entertainment for tonight’s feast. The giants seemed happy with that. The ogres seemed happy “forgetting the team was even there” < stupid crit fails by the GM >
  • of course now that the Giants are willing targets, the team attacks. They do quick work of the Unit and take a prisoner of one of their foe
  • They find out from the Hill Giant that there is a path leading up to the compound and there are two ogres and a hill giant guarding.the gates
  • arriving at the compound, Scathe confirmed what the Ogre told them. The compound is constructed of thick logs, with solid walls and a slanted roof.
  • Thanks to the infpormation gained the team wass able to get the drop on the gaurds. While the Hill Giant barked orders at the Ogres the group got temseves set fo a surpattack.
  • Once t antregined his senses h moved to te gate of the compouind an opened it up. A familiar looking Drake jumped out and started to attack.
  • as the battle raged on and the Ogres fell the Hill Giant fled into to the compound. Fayde recognized the drake as Skaar. < See Chapter 7: Fayding Visions >
  • Scathe noticed an amulet embedded into Skaar’s scales in his neck. He stabs at it < stupid 20s > and manages to break it, Skaar snaps out of the control he was under and becomes his friendly (at least to Scathe and Fayde) self, the other three he looks at with trepidation.
  • The alarm sounds within the compound…

Memorable lines:

  • “We’re dinner, we just figured we would save the time and come to you rather than making you work for it and come to find us” Fayde to the Hill Giant Unit the team met up with
  • “We done with questions? Can I kill him now?” Rrendär to Scathe & Fayde as they discuss what to do with the Ogre prisoner they took.
  • “Ssssstache…”
    “That’s two.” — Skaar & Scathe interacting after the control amulet was broken.

UnAnswered Questions:

Chapter 34: The Demon, The Engine, and The Giant
You kill one demon and suddenly they expect you to save the world...

Characters: Scathe, Fayde, Darrow, Ak’raa, Rrendär
Game Date: 25/03/12
Xen’drik & Argent
Aryth 19, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • with Physandros defeated and cast out of the Torrians it heads off in wounded defeat
  • cursing and swearing at the heroes, questioning parentage of the cleric, it retreats into the cave almost taunting anyone to follows
  • Scathe shows up and hails Cid. He’s been called back to Argent. An urgent message has come for him from Ahziz concerning Franklin. Cid heads back to the portal and Scathe and the rest of the team follow Rrendär in the direction of the hills.
  • using extreme Caution the group approaches the mouth of the cave. It is blacker than night and smells of death. The smell of rot hold the rest of the Torrians at bay.
  • Darrow “attacks the darkness” with one of his lit arrows to try to get a sense of how far in the cave goes. The rest of the team moves in.
  • Scathe tosses a sun rid and the cave is lit up. The lift glitters menacingly off the silver scales of an Adamantine Dragon
  • the team beaks into action taking of the dragon and the minions of Physandros
  • the dragon proves to be stronger than is ideal. And they take a beating. Fayde recognizes the same look an hesitation in the Dragon that he saw in the possessed Torrians.
  • the team focuses its attack on Physandros and defeat him
  • freed from control the Dragon asks for a parlay. He trades them his horde for his freedom. The team grants it
  • The Torrians now freed agree to tee turn to their home and pack up and start to head out for the long journey home. Two of the Community Elders and Rrendär head back through the portal
  • Obanar and the leaders head back to the Guardians tower the celebrate their reunion. Rrendär formally requests to be the first Torrians to join the Champions. Obanar grants it up to the team.
  • the next morning Obanar presents Scathe with the next item made from the skystone.
  • the Heroes decide to investigate the one more thing they can do from Argent. They head to the library to investigate the Divine Engine.
  • hours spent in the library turns up on a little more information than they already were told by Obanar. On his suggestion the Temple might be another possibility. While the gods have left Eberron there are some that never did. It is possible that there may be help yet
  • each of the heroes take to their own deities and begin to pray/meditate. While praying they feel a dark presence try to break their orayers and concentration. Spiders and darkness fill their thoughts Until they break from it. Eventually they are visited by an exarch of the god Boldrei and gives them the information they are looking for. They spend the rest of the day making plans for their next voyage out from the city.
  • over breakfast the next day the team hears the thumping of something against the shield protectin the city. Obanar calls them forth.
  • the Hill Giants have sent a fairly large force to try to beat the shield down. They are persistent if not that bright.
  • the Heroes climb to the top of the main gate just in time to watch te shield which shimmers a dark purple with every fist beat on on it shatter in a small spot in front of a couple of the army.
  • a Hill Giant, a knight dressed in armpit that looks like living rock and a huge creature, a Behir, that has six legs on each side and has lightning arcing and rippling along it make a break for the closed gate
  • The team, still shaken up from their encounter yesterday with the dark force that was trying to hinder them, are off to a shaky defense.
  • Scathe, forgetting he had new armour is snapped up and swallowed by the Behir he escapes with a flurry of blades, the troll tosses a bomb at the gate.
  • eventually the battle is won and Obanar activates the offensive spells protecting Argent sending the small force running.

Memorable lines:

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Chapter 33: Torrian's Lost
What do you get when you mix a people without a cause, a greedy leader, and a demon...

Characters: Cid, Fayde, Darrow, Ak’raa
Game Date: 04/03/12
Argent & Xen’drik
Aryth 16, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • the heroes return to Argent and their time successful in their quest to retrieve the sky stone from the past
  • Scathe heads to WinterHaven to and word to the Gnome nation about Basta and to check on his own interests
  • in the morning Obamar gives them two of the newly crafted items from the Sky stone. To Darrow he gave a silver Bow that almost glows with an internal power
  • to Ak’raa he gives a silver staff similar to Darrow’s bow.
  • over breakfast discussions and the playing of the new toys the heroes have an unsteady thrumbing resounds through the city. Obanar’s image flashes before the heroes calling then to the Guardian Tower.
  • new assaults upon the city have begun. This time it’s not just a theft attempt. This is the first full out assault the city has had in almost 600 years. The Giants have started to move an the Hill Giants are here.
  • the heroes are dispatched to the Landing pad that was used to receive flying guests to the city. Because there has been limited power and Obanar has been stretched for abilities being on his own the shield of protection has weak spots. Not expecting Giants to fly Obanar had let it be weak in the air.
  • the heroes arrive at the landing pad in time to see three Rocs drop off a giant each and fly away. The shield flashes with power and reforms trapping the giants and one Roc who was a bit behind within it. The shield flashes with power and the heroes see one of the Rocs scream with pain as it is severed by the shield. Half dropping to the ground in the inside, the outside it rolls down the outside of the shield making it flare and flash with purple power with each impact. The remaining force inside hesitates.
  • The team separates into two groups and though it takes some time they manage to repel the invading unit
  • once they recovered Obanar agrees that he needs help with the city when the Heroes are not away. Normally he would be capable, now that the Giants are getting aggressive this is less likely. He suggests the Heroes find the Torrians next.
  • Obanar tells them team that there are two options to searching for the Torrians. The first is to search the Proctor’s old residence, the second is to use magic to witness a specific time in the past. They decide to try both options. He gives Fayde & Ak’raa two vials of purple liquid and sends them to the field outside the house, while Darrow and Cid decide to search the house.

Fayde & Ak’raa’s Investigation

  • Fayde and Ak’raa down the vials and a think mist rises from the ground around them.
  • they watch as the last Proctor of Argent comes out of his house and begins to address the Torrians gathered there. The whole city seems to be there.
  • Thror begins to speak and the two are helpless as they see him not only speak, but cast a spell over the crowd. Speaking some someone called Physandros
  • Thror “convinces” his people to leave the city and settle off somewhere called the Sheltered Woods.
  • he finishes his speech and as the people start to leave to pack their belongings the two witnesses see all the Torrians with glassy looks on their faces and in a sort of trance state. They also see Thror was a very smug look on his face and a barley perceptible cloud hanging per his head. It has a demonic tint to it an as Fayde and Ak’raa start to come back from their vision they get an unclean feeling from the whole situation.

Cid & Darrow’s Investigation

  • As the mists Take their teammates Cid & Darrow enter the Proctor’s house. They discover a hidden room.
  • in the room they find records of Thror, the last Proctor of Argent. The records have been modified. They do not match records in the main part of the house. Thror was accepting rediculously large sums of gold from someone named Physandros.
  • it was in complete secret from the Silver Cloaks
  • the papers and letters and even the gold is all tainted with serious dark magic that makes Cid cringe. There was a powerful spell cast on Thror that added to the greed that trapped him in the first place

The Group Rejoined

  • the two teams come back together and share what they have learned. They decide to see if Obanar can send them to the Torrians.
  • when the magic from the portal clears the team finds themselves surrounded by lush forest. Tropical plants they have never seen before sway in the wind. Birds of a multitude of colours cry out and snap up insects. The sound of a river is in the distance to the west.
  • Fayde is excited. He knows from his studies from the Wayfinder Association that they are on Xen’drik.
  • caution and slow going is the name of the game. They head to the river and after Darrow makes an attempt at swimming and starts to get swept away by the current the rest of the team grabs a rope and sends Ak’raa who takes a running start and launches herself across the river. Having a slimmer frame, for a Dragonborn she does a flip or two and lands with a flurry of blue robes and flecks of lightning flashing from the bottom of them to the ground lands gracefully. A slight puff of dust wafts up.
  • the rest of the team uses the rope to anchor themselves as they cross. Cid uses his whistle of summoning and teleports Darrow to join them. Hunters are not fishermen it seems
  • the team continues its quiet careful trek. They see smoke above the tree line suggesting a village. As the river drops out of sight they are confronted by a glassy eyed Torrian.
  • Fayde and Ak’raa are quickly convinced that he and the other Torrians that appear out of the woods weapons ready are possessed by the same power they discovered in Argent during their investigations.
  • they do their best to convince the Torrians to “snap out of it” but it seems futile. The Torrians begin to attack. Fayde is convinced he can save the leader and tells Ak’raa to assist him an for the other two to keep the rest busy.
  • Darrow vanishes into the jungle and is only seen by the arrows that fly through the leaves, decimating the ranged Torrians who were hiding and watching on the other side of the river.
  • Cid keeps the two other Torrians at bay. Doing what he can to hinder and incapacitate rather than kill.
  • Fayde begin singing weaving his magic of song and music with a dispel that Ak’raa adds to it. The song and magic wash over the Torrian and he loses the Trance look and swears a curse to someone named Physandros and then joins the party telling Fayde “I am Rrendär. I am in your debt.”
    *They defeat their attackers and Rrendär takes them to the village
  • the village is like any other the team has seen in its travels. Except everyone here is Torrian, and all of them go about their work in complete silence. Torrians cook. Torrians clean. Torrians make repairs on the town’s buildings. Males, females, and children share in the the various tasks equally without any complaints or questions or conversation of any kind.
  • one Torrian notices them as they hit the path that leads into the village, and suddenly, as one, the entire town stops what they were doing and looks right at the team.
  • A larger than normal Torrian with grey-tinged fur steps forward and introduces himself as Gruthow, he looks at Rrendär the way a father looks at a son when he is in that irritated with him mood…the emotions are heavily mixed with timidness? Maybe even frightened?
  • the conversation goes very generically until the Torrians start to hear the heroes talk about Argent. Confusion and confliction starts to dominate Gruthow and his people. The heroes press further about Argent and why the Torrians left.
  • Then Gruthow grows tense. his eyes glass over and in an unnatural shrill voice and uncharacteristic smile the Torrian starts to mock the heroes and Obanar. Th new voice introduces himself as Physandros. He offers the heroes to lay down their weapons and join his playthings the Torrians.
  • the heroes refuse and start to try to convince the Torrians to come back.
  • The shrill voice starts to talk to them from different members of the city, another older male, a female to the right, a child three rows back, all with the uncharacteristic smile, all with the shrill voice.
  • Fayde starts to use his power of words, Ak’raa tries to dispel the magic with magic of her own, its not until Cid starts to call upon the power of the silver flame and uses prayers he had learned about in his training about possessions that the spells starts to be broken.
  • As he speaks he begins to glow with a blue gklow. a single flame, as if a candle lit in the sky starts to spread to the Torrians, Physandros curses Cid and the heroes. Cid continues to talk about the love and the power of te Flame; about the Torrians home, their honour, and the love tey once had for Argent and their purpose there.
  • Physandros screams as the entire village is washes with a fire that burns nothing but him. The glassy look fades from the eyes of the Torrians and a dark malevolent cloud forms in the sky. Physandros curses the Heroes again, “I shall never forget this injury, this INSULT! I shall find you one day! I shall make you pay!" As the cloud drifts north into the hills deeper in he forest.
  • The Torrians are grateful, yet still gripped with terror. Gruthow tells them the demon is going to wake the dragon Uthrix. And sends his son Rrendär to take hem to the cave…

Memorable lines:

  • “But I’m a —”
    “Shshshshhhh….No Words…”
    – Cid to a Torrian who was trying to correct him that he was male not female while Cid was flirting and sending the ‘love’ of the Silver Flame throughout the crowd

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Chapter 32: Borrowed Time
What's better? A big stick? or a BIG SHINY STICK?

Characters: Cid, Scathe, Fayde, Basta, Darrow
Game Date: 19/02/12
Lost City of Argent; Ironroot Mountains
Aryth 14, 998YK

Plot Overview:

Memorable lines:

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Interlude: The Dishonour of 'raa
One fights for the honour of her family

The old one stands, her scales flashing dark red in the light of the moons. She looks out among the crowd of young warriors that answered the call of the elders to all the clans. She began to smile with pride, long has it been since the call went out for one to be sent. Not since…her thoughts interrupted and her forming smile froze as her gaze landed on one of the youngsters that came.

She stepped forward towards the young woman. “You have no place here Ko’skagh (Translated from Draconic it means dishonoured/lesser being/not worthy of the shit used to fertilize the land).”

The young blue Dragonborn looked back. The word hurt, she knew deep within her soul that her family was wrongfully dishonoured, she learned the story from her parents and grand parents as she grew up. She knew there had to be more than what she was being told. Her family believed it too. The rest of the clans…did not. The lessons and stories she learned from her Ssna (T: Fellow students/peers) were far worse. According to them she was inferior, that she was cursed to the lowest caste in the clans, that hers was a family forever dishonoured. It had been that way for 4 generations now. She was determined to make it the last.

She looked back at the old woman and smiled graciously. She knew how to play this game and was becoming exceedingly good at it. “I have ever right as much as the next. The call went out to all able bodies no matter the clan, or the family, or the caste, it was made by the dragons themselves and the prophecy that they witness and breathe, it was NOT made by the clans. I AM here and I am not leaving unless THEY tell me so. So are my rights, honoured or not.”

The old woman opened her mouth, clearly frustrated by being bested by a Ko’skagh and a blue at that. Before she could retort the roar of the Golden One rang out. Sheolks’sa decended on her perch overlooking the semi circle the Dragonborn had formed. Her voice did not boom it simply enveloped you. The younge blue dragonborn looked up in awe. the Dragonfear having no effect simply became awe. Such Majesty.

“The prophecy has shown us that the time has come again. To Argent, one must be sent.” The Golden dragon spoke, she looked down amoung the gathered, focussing on no one. Gasps sounded from the crowd and more than a few turned to the Ko’skagh she simply returned the sneers ans whispers with defiance. The gold dragon continued, “A champion is needed. The Prophecy decides who.” With that the Golden dragon flings her wings and arm forward creating a gust of wind that washes over the crowd and a sphere appears in the air above them shimmering and swirling in the crytpic runes of the prophecy itself. It flashes and spreads apart, swirling in and around the crowd of dragonborn. entering each one as if searching their very soul. The strands returned together asa sphere and enter the ground. silence is palpable as the dragon born wait to see what happens next.

A soft glow is seen near the back of the crowd. “NO!” One of the male warriors yells in anger from the back.

The young blue dragonborn who had been dishonoured for simply being born into the family she was in was the choice, the ground itself glowing around her. The Gold dragon almost smiled. “THE CHOICE IS MADE! ”/campaigns/dragons-last-flight/characters/akraa" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ak’raa, Daughter of Sk’raa. You have been selected."

Interlude: The Last Guardian
Explanations and more questions

Obanar leads his new heroes out of the vault. “There is not more we can do at the moment. I have re-established the cities defences. We have time. Come, let me give you some hospitality and share with you our situation.”

He and Rrowthar bring you into a room high atop the Guardian’s Tower. They supply refreshments and comfortable lounges to relax on. The window show the sun setting over the Talenta Plains.

Scathe is the first to speak up as the others eat, “So, who are you? I know your name and little else.”

Obanar suddenly looks slightly older as he smiles and he sits down on a lounge, now out of his armour, “I am Obanar, last guardian of ”/campaign/dragons-last-flight/wikis/argent" class=“wiki-page-link”>Argent. More than one hundred and twenty five years ago, the Kingdom of Galafar sent me here as a champion. Galafar, as all nations before it, supplied Argent with champions to honour its obligations to the Paragon Compact."

“I’ve studied a lot of history, I’ve never heard of that. What’s the Paragon Compact.” asked Basta, his blue eyes softly giving off there steady glow, his voice low and almost mechanical.

Obanar’s smile became one of mischief almost. “The histories you know have been…controlled if you will. The Paragon Compact goes back to the war between the Dragons and the Giants. The Dawn War as some call it. While the dragons took the majority of the battle upon themselves they thought it was what the Draconic Prophecy had decreed, and many of the other Nations were still far too young to help. The Compact changed that. As the war ended many of the Gods, yes they did exist here at one time, came down and sat with the Dragons, Kalashtar, Elves, Humans, and even Goblins to set up a defence of the world against threats that go beyond the usual fare fo brigands and uprisings. Threats that could destroy the world, such as demons, aberrations, and ravaging primordials. Every civilized nation has always provided champions to serve in Argent and take up the Silver Cloaks. But the compact has been broken. No one has come to Argent to stand by my side or take my place for well over a century. Galafar, and the other Nations, have forgotten their Oaths, and I am ashamed for my homeland.” His smile dissipating near the end he looked sad, like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders alone.

Rrowthar must have sensed his old friend’s feelings because he came very quickly with some tea for the old champion.

“So this city…” Fayde piped up ending the silence that had entered the room, “this is Argent, you’re the last of a line of Champions sent to guard against,” he held up his fingers making quotes in the air, " ‘the big type’ of threats. You know Galafar fell 104 years ago right? The continent you are in has fractured into many different states."

“Galafar has fallen? That would explain much.” He looked at the group with a grave expression, “and it makes what I must ask you to do even more dangerous and important.”

Cid looked at Obanar closely now, “And what is it you would have us do?”

“Instead you should ask yourself what can you not do? a new threat has come to light. The giants have become together in such numbers that has not been seen since the Dawn War. Earth Giants have already struck here at Argent, and I believe they are marching on other key locations throughout the land. I fear that the giants and their elemental allies have conspired to free a primordial from its ancient prison. This cannot be allowed to pass.

You are worthy champions, powerful and noble. It is time fro you to put aside other needs and aspirations, for Argent has need for you in this Time of peril. If the giants rampage freely thousands of innocents shall die. And if the primordial is set free then the cost of life shall increase a hundredfold. More over, the primordial has the power and ability to organize the scattered forces of the Elemental Chaos into an army capable of starting a new Dawn War. We cannot allow that to happen!"

Darrow nodded thoughtfully, his mind already made up. “We that settles that then I guess,” he looked back at his new friends then returned his focus to Obanar, “So, what happens next?”

Chapter 31: Argent Found
Memories, shadows, and power waft like fresh baking bread through the halls and streets of the ancient lost city.

Characters: Cid, Scathe, Fayde, Basta, Darrow
Game Date: 22/01/12
Lost City of Argent; Ironroot Mountains
Aryth 13, 998YK

Plot Overview:

Memorable lines:

UnAnswered Questions:

Interlude: Darrow's New Start
Old Arrow, New Fletching

It has been a long time now, or so it seems, since I walked out of the greenwood of Q’Barra in search of my father. Much has changed. I left that land alone, still an exile in my mind, but as I write this I have hope like I have never known. I find myself among friends, men that I would venture even to call brothers.

Brother. The word rolls hesitantly off my tongue for it brings to my mind the brother who slaughtered the only woman I ever loved. I killed Tallis on that fell golden morning many years past, but not all that is killed in this life remains dead. I faced Tallis a second time not so long ago, resurrected it seemed for the sole purpose of tormenting the already raw lesion of my soul. I am burning the letter I wrote when leaving Q’Barra. It no longer holds true. Tallis cursed me for a weakling, the last of a dead people and a bloodline polluted with shame. And he was right. I was weak, blinded by the illusion that I had to choose to be either Man or Elven. Scorned by Elves all my youthful years I turned my back on that heritage, seeking instead the honour of Men. Then I walked the sands of the Mournland, of desecrated ancient Cyre, and knew in my heart that Men have no honour in their blood. They have the ability to take honour upon themselves and wear it as coat of arms emblazoned on their heart, but they are not born to it. It takes strength to build that honour, and I earned my strength under the rod of the warclan’s blademaster. Standing there before Tallis confronted with my weakness I looked at my blades. Steel that had many time been washed of the mud and blood that smeared its length. Steel that had carved crisp twin swathes through the prairie wind. Steel. Iron alone will bend and shatter, but steel stands hard and sharp, and in this way I must be proud that I am Half-elven: hardened by the brutality and skill of the Elf, and sharpened by the honour and wondrous lust for life that drives the best of Men.

I found my strength that day, in the depths of a city no less. I laugh even now at the thought; cobblestones and ceilings will forever be foreign to me, and gladly would I trade the fading plaster of this inn for the sign of The Hunter glistening through a Q’Barran canopy. But that is no longer my path. Now I stand a Forespoken Knight, a champion of lesser people and greater kings. The elder Veln has held council with my brothers and I, and though as a wanderer this thought is foreign to me it seems that my path has been already laid before my feet. Somewhere down that path there is a quarry…and I am the hunter.

This is the hunter’s badge of glory,
That he protect and tend his quarry;
Hunt with honour, as is due,
And through the beast to god is true.

~ Darrow, Half-elven ~

Chapter 30: Stranger in the Fire
Every new story needs a new begining.

Characters: Scathe, Fayde, Darrow, Guest Appearance: Miri
Game Date: 14/01/12
Icewood; Karrnath
Aryth 13, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • Cid is busy with Xavier and Ranking Officers of the Silver Flame Troops.
  • Basta is meeting with House Cannith South Representatives that Lady Elayne sent to WinterHaven in its defense.
  • Lord Fargo asks to meet with the rest of the group. HHe explains that he is incredibly proud of what they havee accomplished thus far, especially recently. He explains what the Collective is that he represents.
  • While the organization is all but forgotten and has long been neglected he, along with Veln and the few who remain, remain vigilant that one day they can once again establish its glory. Veln is convinced that this is what the prophecy speaks to. Fargo is inclined to agree.. Thats why he formed the team the PCs were part of well before the Last War was over, they were unsure when it would all take place. When the group went missing and teh Day of Mourning Happened all was thought lost.
  • He speaks of an Ancient City that once house a team of Champions formed by races from around Eberron.
  • He knows very little other than that, The Collective lost most of its information with the destruction of Cyre. it was where the documentts were held in trust. He knows the City was in the South section of the Iron Mountains. Something about a convergence of the Planes and realms. He wants you to go find it for him and the Collective. To retieve whhat iinformation you can and to look into re-establishing the import it had.
  • Scathe, Fayde, and Darrow all agree. and head off to prepare. Cid and Basta are not able to leave yet, bbut Fargo has found a ritual that he can ggive them that can send them to the rest of the team as soon as they are able to leave.
  • On the way out of town Sgt Jacobs and Lord Fargo call tthe three in for a quick meeting. Jacobs tells them one of his small patrols came back from the Icewoods with reports of a fire coming from the center, its not spreaading and when the unti went in to invesigate they were attacked by creatures they had never seen before, Only on of the 5 man team madde it back.
  • Once Jacobs leaves Fargo tells them that the creatures mentioned were of the type the Collective once was fighting against. He offers the group 22,000 gold peices to invesitgate and fight them off before they get to WinterHaven.
  • MIssion changed for now the three leave immediately for the area the attack took place.
  • The forest is thick as normal. Scathe (and Fayde?) recognize the spot as it gets closer and closer as the area that the Madstone is in.

Memorable lines:

UnAnswered Questions:

Interlude: Through The Looking Glass
Intro to Season 3

The image is blurry again, always blurry. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw a clear image in the pool. He couldn’t remember when he had last talked to someone other than…well…his only friend left. He scowled in frustration and slapped his hand down into the water. to his amazement he caught a glimpse of an image. It was an alert if you will. A weakening in the fabric. They were coming. It was finally starting to happen. “By the Compact! No. No not now!”

The image flickered blurry again and before he could lose his temper cleared. He saw a city near the disturbance, they were in a flurry of activity. They were completely unaware.

He would check over the next few days watching as often as he could. The Heroes gathered troops from around the land and in very little time all thanks to their generosity in helping those same groups at other times in the past. And brought them together to defend a city that they had made their home, a gathering that, as little as 5 years ago, would have been to battle each other. The heroes fought together without fear and with such passion…

His friend had joined him on the last day, they watched the final battle between the heroes and their attacker. The man turned as the heroes won the day, his cloak shimmering in the light coming in through the windows, and looked at his large friend. “Could they be the ones? The Compact must not be broken, yet it seems to be forgotten. These few…they could be the ones…” The image went blurry again. Instead of getting frustrated the man simply walked away.

“We are done waiting Rrowthar. It is time to end this isolation. I do not have much time left in this realm. I WILL NOT be the last one of the cloak to have the Compact break while I live. The World may have forgotten their promises but I will be DAMNED if I will.”

He passed the statues he walked by every day. One of all the races who were present on the day of the signing. He felt empowered. Assured. It was time to change the rules. Time to bring the city back to the glory it once was time to…

His thoughts were interrupted by an explosion on the outer wall. Something was trying to get into the city. He knew…they were not waiting any more. It was time for him to act. He handed Rrowthar a scroll. “Guard this as you would me and find them. They are the only hope we have.” Another explosion. this time down in the city itself. “Go! I will hold theses foul beasts off till you return.”

Rrowthar was about to protest, to stay and help his friend. He knew he would lose the argument and that his friend was right. He went to the teleportation rune in front of the great statue and looked around one last time. He would be back and it would be like it was before. He smiled as he disappeared…


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