Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 1: Introductions and Some Tentacles
Screw who you are...Who am I!!!!

Characters: Gaul, -Belthazar-, Scathe, Cid
Date: 03/04/11
Lhazaar Pricipalities; Somewhere in Eel Bay
Olarune 20, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • You wake up to darkness and a cloud hanging over your head, Dressed only in a simple tunic. You can not remember who you are or where you came from
  • A Heavily amoured guard comes into the roomfrom a dorr you can not see in the darkness and another door to the outside opens. You are “suggested” (see pushed) outside onto a net strung up between 5 massive sailing galleons.
  • You see 3 other poeple and 5 Goblins pushed out similarily.
  • The Net drops down into the water and there is churning of something surfacing.
  • You move to defend yourselves as the goblins attack.
  • One by One you start to remember who you are (Build/pick your characters.) And the fight continues
  • Tenticles come lashing out from the water (As if the netting and the goblins were not enough)
    *After a decent battle and one of the 4 people trying to scale the walls of one of the ships, Cid sees a figure in a purple cloak rise up from the water beneath the netting and starts to cut away at it.
  • You defeat the goblins and are rescused by Purple from the netting arena.
  • You are given rest and shelter at the Colour Animal Inn in Regalport and money by the guy in Purple and are offered a job when he meets with you again

Memorable lines:

UnAnswered Questions:

  • What happened to your memory
  • Who is the Guy in Purple
  • How were you fighting in an Arena of Nets in pirate ships
Introduction: Prologue
You'll want to forget what you remember

The Demon Wastes of the West.
The Metropolis of Sharn to the South
The port city of Stormhold to the North
And the pirate heavy Lhazaar Principalities to the East…where a group of ships are anchored together by central netting that has a center dipping deep into the water. With hundreds of pirates surrounding the make shift arena chanting the battle going on inside.

A blow is stuck…
A victor is declared…
The chanting continues…
A new battle is begun…

You wake slowly as your mind is heavy in fog…you see darkness…your eyes focus…and see a crack of light and hear chanting of many voices…you wonder where you are…you wonder WHO you are…

Welcome to Eberron


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