Boromar Clan & Local Pain in the Arse


Karsson was once Scathe best friend and the closest thing he had to a family. They worked together for one of the seedier “families” in Sharn doing…what had to be done.

Over the years they remained close despite Karsson’s growing up differently. He became more distant as time went on. When finally confronted by Scathe, Karsson came clean that he had been in fact slowly switching sides and had started working for another and more powerful family. Boromar Clan. He asked Scathe to join him.

While the temptation was great Scathe refused and even turned Karsson in to his superiors knowing full well what horrible things Karsson would endure for his wicked betrayal. And he did.

Karsson escaped years later a broken man physically and mentally. He went to work for Boromar Clan after all and felt cheated of his revenge when he heard Scathe had disappeared. He thought he had let it go until the met up with the team when he was hired to work in Winterhaven


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