Sitting at the counter of the Colour Animal Inn is an enchanting eladrin woman. She appears to be chatting to the barkeep, deeply enthralled with the story she’s hearing. Her eyes glow an electric blue and her golden hair shimmers even in the low light of the bar. She lets out a whole-hearted laugh, showing a magnificent smile. She glances in your direction, your eyes meet briefly, butterflies erupt in your stomach as you stand dumbfounded by her beauty. She beckons you over.
She asks for your name.
She asks for your occupation.
She asks for a story.
All of your answers are unsatisfactory and with a flick of her wrist she shoos you away.

Congratulations you have just met Akana.

An experienced traveller, and blatant gossip whore, Akana scours the globe for any juicy story she can get her hands on. Unlike your average noble socialite Akana’s interest of rumours comes from a deep seeded love of stories. However because of her Eladrin roots she has grown a tad tired of the fey and all their myths and legends. So she has turned to the world of non-fiction. Mostly peoples life stories, but she also loves political intrigue. It’s important to note, however, that even though most of the stories she knows are true she still views them as fiction. To her the people aren’t actually real, they are but characters in a play. Because of this there are only a few people she considers actual people, and even less that she actually cares for.

Being a regular of the Colour Animal Inn, and all the freaks who frequent there, Akana got to know Fayde rather well. They bonded over a love of stories and always have some new tale to tell each other. It didn’t take long for her to realize his secret, and luckily for him she doesn’t care. It just makes it easier for him to get stories. Whether she actually cares about him or merely views him as a new source of stories remains to be seen.


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