Dragon's Last Flight

Interlude: The Dishonour of 'raa

One fights for the honour of her family

The old one stands, her scales flashing dark red in the light of the moons. She looks out among the crowd of young warriors that answered the call of the elders to all the clans. She began to smile with pride, long has it been since the call went out for one to be sent. Not since…her thoughts interrupted and her forming smile froze as her gaze landed on one of the youngsters that came.

She stepped forward towards the young woman. “You have no place here Ko’skagh (Translated from Draconic it means dishonoured/lesser being/not worthy of the shit used to fertilize the land).”

The young blue Dragonborn looked back. The word hurt, she knew deep within her soul that her family was wrongfully dishonoured, she learned the story from her parents and grand parents as she grew up. She knew there had to be more than what she was being told. Her family believed it too. The rest of the clans…did not. The lessons and stories she learned from her Ssna (T: Fellow students/peers) were far worse. According to them she was inferior, that she was cursed to the lowest caste in the clans, that hers was a family forever dishonoured. It had been that way for 4 generations now. She was determined to make it the last.

She looked back at the old woman and smiled graciously. She knew how to play this game and was becoming exceedingly good at it. “I have ever right as much as the next. The call went out to all able bodies no matter the clan, or the family, or the caste, it was made by the dragons themselves and the prophecy that they witness and breathe, it was NOT made by the clans. I AM here and I am not leaving unless THEY tell me so. So are my rights, honoured or not.”

The old woman opened her mouth, clearly frustrated by being bested by a Ko’skagh and a blue at that. Before she could retort the roar of the Golden One rang out. Sheolks’sa decended on her perch overlooking the semi circle the Dragonborn had formed. Her voice did not boom it simply enveloped you. The younge blue dragonborn looked up in awe. the Dragonfear having no effect simply became awe. Such Majesty.

“The prophecy has shown us that the time has come again. To Argent, one must be sent.” The Golden dragon spoke, she looked down amoung the gathered, focussing on no one. Gasps sounded from the crowd and more than a few turned to the Ko’skagh she simply returned the sneers ans whispers with defiance. The gold dragon continued, “A champion is needed. The Prophecy decides who.” With that the Golden dragon flings her wings and arm forward creating a gust of wind that washes over the crowd and a sphere appears in the air above them shimmering and swirling in the crytpic runes of the prophecy itself. It flashes and spreads apart, swirling in and around the crowd of dragonborn. entering each one as if searching their very soul. The strands returned together asa sphere and enter the ground. silence is palpable as the dragon born wait to see what happens next.

A soft glow is seen near the back of the crowd. “NO!” One of the male warriors yells in anger from the back.

The young blue dragonborn who had been dishonoured for simply being born into the family she was in was the choice, the ground itself glowing around her. The Gold dragon almost smiled. “THE CHOICE IS MADE! ”/campaigns/dragons-last-flight/characters/akraa" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ak’raa, Daughter of Sk’raa. You have been selected."


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