Dragon's Last Flight

Interlude: Through The Looking Glass

Intro to Season 3

The image is blurry again, always blurry. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw a clear image in the pool. He couldn’t remember when he had last talked to someone other than…well…his only friend left. He scowled in frustration and slapped his hand down into the water. to his amazement he caught a glimpse of an image. It was an alert if you will. A weakening in the fabric. They were coming. It was finally starting to happen. “By the Compact! No. No not now!”

The image flickered blurry again and before he could lose his temper cleared. He saw a city near the disturbance, they were in a flurry of activity. They were completely unaware.

He would check over the next few days watching as often as he could. The Heroes gathered troops from around the land and in very little time all thanks to their generosity in helping those same groups at other times in the past. And brought them together to defend a city that they had made their home, a gathering that, as little as 5 years ago, would have been to battle each other. The heroes fought together without fear and with such passion…

His friend had joined him on the last day, they watched the final battle between the heroes and their attacker. The man turned as the heroes won the day, his cloak shimmering in the light coming in through the windows, and looked at his large friend. “Could they be the ones? The Compact must not be broken, yet it seems to be forgotten. These few…they could be the ones…” The image went blurry again. Instead of getting frustrated the man simply walked away.

“We are done waiting Rrowthar. It is time to end this isolation. I do not have much time left in this realm. I WILL NOT be the last one of the cloak to have the Compact break while I live. The World may have forgotten their promises but I will be DAMNED if I will.”

He passed the statues he walked by every day. One of all the races who were present on the day of the signing. He felt empowered. Assured. It was time to change the rules. Time to bring the city back to the glory it once was time to…

His thoughts were interrupted by an explosion on the outer wall. Something was trying to get into the city. He knew…they were not waiting any more. It was time for him to act. He handed Rrowthar a scroll. “Guard this as you would me and find them. They are the only hope we have.” Another explosion. this time down in the city itself. “Go! I will hold theses foul beasts off till you return.”

Rrowthar was about to protest, to stay and help his friend. He knew he would lose the argument and that his friend was right. He went to the teleportation rune in front of the great statue and looked around one last time. He would be back and it would be like it was before. He smiled as he disappeared…


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