Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 7: Fayding Visions

Visions and Bad Guys and Secrets. OH MY!

Characters: Cid, Scathe, -Belthazar-, Fayde, Gaul
Game Date: 15/05/11
Q’Barra; Somewhere SSW of Whitecliff
Therendor 20, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • Gaul has been coming back during his free time and has been pushing his talents with rituals. He has been expanding on the knowledge he has in them to increase the effectiveness of one to rebuild the mansion with. It has been working well.
  • Cid’s friend Zane has left Winterhaven to follow the path of a lost paladin from legend. He promised to keep in touch with Cid and when he returns want to work with Cid to build a church/temple to the Silver Flame that is permanent in Winterhaven.
  • Fayde has continued to work in the bar gathering stories and the odd coin.
  • Belthasar has met with the unit leader of the Karrnathi garrison who has arrived in the city and has become an adviser to them.
  • Scathe continues to invest in the port guild. And has befriended the Gnome who is the head of the Guild. Uncle Yari
  • Veln shows up for the first time since The Lhazaar Principalities with a few answers as to where he was and a job for the team. He requires them to go out and retrieve a Prophecy Mark that has appeared in Q’Barra.
  • When asked why he can’t go he implied that the journey and quest would be too difficult for him. The characters who are studying him notice that he looks exponentially older and worn down than he did two months ago when you first met.
  • Scathe brings up payment; Veln brings up the fact that he rescued them from the pirates and the money spent on them to re-equip themselves and have a few nights in the CA Inn in Regalport while he had other matters to attend to.
  • Purple gives group a large dragon shard to lead them to and copy/capture the mark, and a ritual of teleportation and explains that it only works from one point to another and only works coming back from the same spot.
  • Once prepped and equipped the team heads through the portal. While Fayde and feels a little queasy on exiting he manages to keep his food down.
  • They near a city and Fayde starts to have Deja Vu to the point of paranoia. Then it hits him. This was the village where his nightmare happened in his youth and where he decided to hide his true identity from the world.
  • They head to the tavern to get their berrings and make a plan. The others notice Faydes paranoia increasing beyond that of Scathes even.
  • Scathe simply watches with increased interest and Fayde watches a bard walk out on stage in the tavern and starts to play. Fayde goes white as if he has seen a ghost and starts to insist on going.
  • Faydes eyes meet the bard’s and his fear and shock are confirmed. It is Morior (Spelling). The one who taught Fayde everything he know and who was left behind when Fayde’s secret was realized over a very long winter. They have a breif conversation and Fyade leaves when Morior goes behind the stage for a few minutes, eager to forget the past and to continue on with the mission at hand.
  • The team travel for a better part of the morning into the jungle forest of Q’Barra, they are following the directions being pointed out by the shard that was given to them by Veln.
  • Mid-day they encounter a Drake that they realize has been tortured. It can talk simple words and sentences. It tells them breifly that it has been tortured by a Dragonborn who has taken control of an old and powerful tower on the other side of the mountain ridge. It expects to die, Cid practices some exceptional healing and allows the Drake to leave, Fayde names him Skaar.
  • They eventually break through the tree line and continue up a small mountain ridge. As they rise the crest of the mountain they see
    Fallen tower
  • They come down the side on the inside ridge of the valley and they come across an old statue of a Dragonborn Warrior. They look around and see a series of these statues spaced out every 40 ft around the ridge of the valley.
  • As they approach the statue an apparition emerges from the statue and warns them to turn back. After some prodding the ghost shares that a new warrior is in charge of the fallen tower (torn asunder by its fall and the main bit is still floating in the air. The ghost has to, due to sworn duty, follow the commands of the steward carrying the name of the tower, so she reluctantly attacks along with other spectral warriors and skeletons
  • They defeat the Specter and he minions and continue on to the Floating tower.
  • It has been a good day and does not stop there. They manage to sneak into the valley unseen by the group of Dragonborn Guards set to watch from different areas around the floating tower.
  • They manage to get into the tower and head down into its main hall. They find the Dragonborn responsible for the torture of the Drakes in the middle of one of his twisted rituals. There is a Drake being tortured inside the Dragon Prophecy Mark that the group has been sent to find.
  • They defeat the Dragonborn, toss the shard into the mark trapping it and freeing the Drake, and reveil to Vrak (The Specter from the Statue) that the Dragonborn is fake, and not of the house that she is and he has no claim over this place. She goes mad and starts to bring the place down. * The team escapes with the shard and returns home avoiding Fayde’s village

Memorable lines:

UnAnswered Questions:

  • Why did Fayde avoid the town so much?
  • What is the history behind a floating tower in Q’Barra
  • What happened to the Dragonborn Impersonator?


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