Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 4b: I Know What You Did Last Night

You know when you go to bed early and you miss something big? Ya...This isn't one of those times...

Characters: Cid, Scathe
Date: 30/04/11
Karrnath; WinterHaven
Therendor 9, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • Cid and Scathe wake to a ruckus being made in the Inn. They go to investigate a bit and find that their team mates have not only left with out them but have brought a frantic/manic/and badly beaten guy back to the Inn for the local Cleric to help
  • They head off to find the rest of the group
  • Following the trail as much as they could they start at teh springs and end up at some ruins and an old mansion/house that is part of and among the ruins
  • They enter the house and search around
  • Discover a few secret passages and learn that the house was most likely an old House Cannith Lab or base of some kind…possibly dating back a couple thousand years
  • They continue to investigate and find what is left of a lab and massive receiving hall a hidden staircase that goes somewhere and a great spider waiting for its next snack.
  • They defeat the spider and return to the Inn to see if the others are there and to plan their next move.

Memorable lines:

  • “You kidding me? The only thing worse than a spider is more than one of them…I hate spiders…” Cid to Scathe when the possibility of more than one spider is brought up.
  • “Where there is a bloody mess, our party must be close by…” Cid to Scathe after investigating a blood-stained path.
  • “I push-twist-pull!” Scathe to DM concerning which switch to activate.

UnAnswered Questions:

  • Does House Cannith know of this place?
  • What will happen should they find out?
  • How old is the House?
  • What else lies within it.
  • What will happen if the other tower switch was activated?


The_GM_Tim The_GM_Tim

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