Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 34: The Demon, The Engine, and The Giant

You kill one demon and suddenly they expect you to save the world...

Characters: Scathe, Fayde, Darrow, Ak’raa, Rrendär
Game Date: 25/03/12
Xen’drik & Argent
Aryth 19, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • with Physandros defeated and cast out of the Torrians it heads off in wounded defeat
  • cursing and swearing at the heroes, questioning parentage of the cleric, it retreats into the cave almost taunting anyone to follows
  • Scathe shows up and hails Cid. He’s been called back to Argent. An urgent message has come for him from Ahziz concerning Franklin. Cid heads back to the portal and Scathe and the rest of the team follow Rrendär in the direction of the hills.
  • using extreme Caution the group approaches the mouth of the cave. It is blacker than night and smells of death. The smell of rot hold the rest of the Torrians at bay.
  • Darrow “attacks the darkness” with one of his lit arrows to try to get a sense of how far in the cave goes. The rest of the team moves in.
  • Scathe tosses a sun rid and the cave is lit up. The lift glitters menacingly off the silver scales of an Adamantine Dragon
  • the team beaks into action taking of the dragon and the minions of Physandros
  • the dragon proves to be stronger than is ideal. And they take a beating. Fayde recognizes the same look an hesitation in the Dragon that he saw in the possessed Torrians.
  • the team focuses its attack on Physandros and defeat him
  • freed from control the Dragon asks for a parlay. He trades them his horde for his freedom. The team grants it
  • The Torrians now freed agree to tee turn to their home and pack up and start to head out for the long journey home. Two of the Community Elders and Rrendär head back through the portal
  • Obanar and the leaders head back to the Guardians tower the celebrate their reunion. Rrendär formally requests to be the first Torrians to join the Champions. Obanar grants it up to the team.
  • the next morning Obanar presents Scathe with the next item made from the skystone.
  • the Heroes decide to investigate the one more thing they can do from Argent. They head to the library to investigate the Divine Engine.
  • hours spent in the library turns up on a little more information than they already were told by Obanar. On his suggestion the Temple might be another possibility. While the gods have left Eberron there are some that never did. It is possible that there may be help yet
  • each of the heroes take to their own deities and begin to pray/meditate. While praying they feel a dark presence try to break their orayers and concentration. Spiders and darkness fill their thoughts Until they break from it. Eventually they are visited by an exarch of the god Boldrei and gives them the information they are looking for. They spend the rest of the day making plans for their next voyage out from the city.
  • over breakfast the next day the team hears the thumping of something against the shield protectin the city. Obanar calls them forth.
  • the Hill Giants have sent a fairly large force to try to beat the shield down. They are persistent if not that bright.
  • the Heroes climb to the top of the main gate just in time to watch te shield which shimmers a dark purple with every fist beat on on it shatter in a small spot in front of a couple of the army.
  • a Hill Giant, a knight dressed in armpit that looks like living rock and a huge creature, a Behir, that has six legs on each side and has lightning arcing and rippling along it make a break for the closed gate
  • The team, still shaken up from their encounter yesterday with the dark force that was trying to hinder them, are off to a shaky defense.
  • Scathe, forgetting he had new armour is snapped up and swallowed by the Behir he escapes with a flurry of blades, the troll tosses a bomb at the gate.
  • eventually the battle is won and Obanar activates the offensive spells protecting Argent sending the small force running.

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