Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 30: Stranger in the Fire

Every new story needs a new begining.

Characters: Scathe, Fayde, Darrow, Guest Appearance: Miri
Game Date: 14/01/12
Icewood; Karrnath
Aryth 13, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • Cid is busy with Xavier and Ranking Officers of the Silver Flame Troops.
  • Basta is meeting with House Cannith South Representatives that Lady Elayne sent to WinterHaven in its defense.
  • Lord Fargo asks to meet with the rest of the group. HHe explains that he is incredibly proud of what they havee accomplished thus far, especially recently. He explains what the Collective is that he represents.
  • While the organization is all but forgotten and has long been neglected he, along with Veln and the few who remain, remain vigilant that one day they can once again establish its glory. Veln is convinced that this is what the prophecy speaks to. Fargo is inclined to agree.. Thats why he formed the team the PCs were part of well before the Last War was over, they were unsure when it would all take place. When the group went missing and teh Day of Mourning Happened all was thought lost.
  • He speaks of an Ancient City that once house a team of Champions formed by races from around Eberron.
  • He knows very little other than that, The Collective lost most of its information with the destruction of Cyre. it was where the documentts were held in trust. He knows the City was in the South section of the Iron Mountains. Something about a convergence of the Planes and realms. He wants you to go find it for him and the Collective. To retieve whhat iinformation you can and to look into re-establishing the import it had.
  • Scathe, Fayde, and Darrow all agree. and head off to prepare. Cid and Basta are not able to leave yet, bbut Fargo has found a ritual that he can ggive them that can send them to the rest of the team as soon as they are able to leave.
  • On the way out of town Sgt Jacobs and Lord Fargo call tthe three in for a quick meeting. Jacobs tells them one of his small patrols came back from the Icewoods with reports of a fire coming from the center, its not spreaading and when the unti went in to invesigate they were attacked by creatures they had never seen before, Only on of the 5 man team madde it back.
  • Once Jacobs leaves Fargo tells them that the creatures mentioned were of the type the Collective once was fighting against. He offers the group 22,000 gold peices to invesitgate and fight them off before they get to WinterHaven.
  • MIssion changed for now the three leave immediately for the area the attack took place.
  • The forest is thick as normal. Scathe (and Fayde?) recognize the spot as it gets closer and closer as the area that the Madstone is in.

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