Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 22: House Keeping

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Characters: Scathe, Fayde, Basta
Game Date: 09/10/11
Karrnath; WinterHaven
Lharvion 21, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • Takes place a few days before you leave on the mission for Elayne, and after the King has left.
  • With Cid, Darrow, and Ryden off on their own business Scathe, Fayde, and Basta found themselves enjoying some down time with Alex at the CAI. A new performance group had been passing through while the team was out of town and Alex used them to fill Fayde’s spot. Alex insisted they were good and that she wanted Fayde to hear them and be a guest for the night.

Fayde’s Night

  • The new Troupe were two members of Fayde’s old Troupe of performers. They played an incredibly powerful rendition of Ithani Lost which brings silence to the bar and makes Scathe’s moustache quiver.
  • Fayde goes to talk to them trying not to let on who he is. Goes well and they banter politely until Fayde finds out the Wesley (The gnome) lost his wife Pedigrew a couple years back to the Mourning. Fayde is crushed. Excuses himself and heads back to the table. Tosses back a HUGE drink so hard and so fast that even Alex was ready to catch him. He then falls into Scathe and starts balling like a child.
  • Scathe…having no clue what to do in this situation…simply pats him on the back awkwardly and starts spewing random clich├ęs he has heard over the years in hopes that one would work.
  • Fayde smiles at the attempt of his friend and realizes the awkwardness he is in and thanks Scathe detaches and goes off to be on his own for a bit.
  • Later the next day when he has composed himself Fayde head’s back to visit Wesley and get more deatils of Pedigrew. He reveasl who he is and talks for a bit to try to get more information out of him about what they are doing.
  • Since Pedigrews Death times have been rought, and Wesley admits to Fayde that the troupe leader Moriner has fallen into….“occupations of questionable repute.” Wesley tries not to ask too many questions as he would rather not know most the time. He has been focusing on his performing. Even if its a front, he will do it as if it were not.
  • The most Fayde got on the job information from Wesley was that it had to do with a few targets in Winterhaven. That was all.
  • Fayde thanked Wesley. said he would see him again. And asked him not to tell the other two that he was here. He would approach them in his own time. Wesley agreed saying that Moriner has not mentioned him since the day they found him wandering the streets of a neighbouring town the night that Fayde was discovered and…left the group.

Scathe’s Night

  • Scathe, after being emotionally sneak attacked by Fayde needed to go blow off some steam. He decided to test some of the skills of the Porter’s Guild to see if there was any way he could improve them. While he respected Uncle Yari he felt that there was a definite problem with his Lieutenants and that it was better to find out now rather than later. Who better to do it than him.
  • Scathe hit one of Yari’s small warehouses about 1 bell. There were guards inside he was sure, and he spotted one when he got to the top of the wall to the fairly large courtyard. He made a rush for the building and managed to get in. He was ambushed by a guard on one of the upper balconys with bad aim on his cross bow.
  • Meanwhile a guard on the roof tossed his cloak over the chimney of the hearth and the room started to fill with smoke.
  • After a fairly clumsy battle on all sides one of the three guards made it away to call for help, the other two were over come and scathe managed to rescue them and still get his prize.
  • When he "returned it to Yari, the gnome expressed his…frustration both with his Lieutenants, ad Scathe and the whole situation.
  • After gold became involved a solution was found.
  • Scathe also got Yari to drop hints in his way…to get the Nobleman the King had left behind to OFFER the USELESS land outside the city that the old ruins were on to him his crew as the Land that was offered when they were Knighted.

Basta’s Morning

  • Basta spent the night looking through the library and the Scryign pool in the Mansion trying to figure more of the mysteries of this house and its original owner out.
  • The Nobleman left behind by the King requested the pressence of someone from the group, as Scathe was unavailable, Fayde was emotionally distraught, and Basta decided that he might as well do it.
  • Basta met up with the Liaison Noble that the King had left behind a few days to help Iron out all the changes that would both be occurring in WinterHaven and if there was anything needed to be done with or for the new Knights.
  • Basta and he talked very brief small talk and the Nobleman, who because he was a warforged and because he was not of noble blood was very curt and handed the deed of the land over to Basta with a sort of sneer…as if the Nobleman had just pulled a fast one over the silly old ’forged.

The Group Together

  • With the other three still off on their own, Fayde’s desire to not be alone, Basta’s desire to…be Basta, and Scathe’s desire not to see that happen the three stuck together that morning planning what to do with the Mansion now that it was theirs officially. They bring Ahziz to it as a show of faith to him of their trust in him and in their need for his import and export skills. Until they can share more with the others this needs to remain secure and having someone with Ahziz’s skills at getting products in and out of the city would come in handy.
  • They also invited Franklin to live with them. It would get him off the streets and give them the peace of mind that there was someone they could trust that would be there should someone come when the group was not.
  • In that Basta set up multiple wards in the areas of the House that were off limits to anyone without a ring. He demonstrated this to Franklin with a weasel from the bag of holding and ad timely release into the ward resulting in a “POAHI” noise and the smell of bbq in the air.
  • Basta also had an idea on the Statue near the lava flow room so, leaving Ahziz and Franklin to clean out the stables and get the mansion common rooms ready for use, he took Scathe and Fayde to investigate.
  • The statue of Kendran Cannith towers at the far end of the room when you enter. It is bathed in the warm glow of the lava and you marvel at the magic employed to not only keep the heat out of the room from the lava, but also the fact that the area the statue’s base sits on seems to float on the lava.
  • Basta touches the Statue and the words you found before flare up in a blue glow “Speak The Name and Enter The Treasure.” Basta looked back once at Fayde and Scathe and then turned back to the statue and says in the Arcane language used by the House “The Bull”
  • The words flash with the words of power used and a wall of magic grows from the floor to the top of the statue and forms a dome. Sigils and runes floats on the magic then, with the blue, fades away and the floor and statue start to sink into the lava.
  • The lava flows up along the border of the magical wall until it submerges the trio, then does the reverse from the bottom up into darkness. A soft thud is heard as the statue makes contact on a new floor and crystals on the wall light up to a very low soft glow revealing a small yet high room with stairs going down in the direction that the statue is looking.
  • The trio head cautiously down the stairs, a sunrod their only light. The stairs end in a massive room with columns (think the mines of Moria in LotR). There is a relkief of major events of the early days of Galifar and Karrn the Conquerer on the wall opposite the stairs and on the end of each room are large wodden doors with Massive statues of bulls with the head of the bull/gorgon that would become the Cannith Crest holding up their frames. Each of the columns are carved to look like creatures and races from all over Eberron, some are not recognizable.
  • Scathe tripped a trap and they have to defend themselves from two primitive bull holumcolus at the first door they got to.
  • They pass through the east doors after beating the guards and enter an enormous room with a huge door on the far end of it. The roof was built out of perfectly smooth stone. The room is totally empty

Memorable lines:

  • “Do you want me to kill him?”
    “Whhhahaaaa? Why would I want that???”
    “Sometimes this is how you solve problems…very effective…”
    – Scathe trying to console a sad, crying Fayde
  • “Everybody gets One…” Uncle Yari to Scathe when his item was returned.
  • “Thid thaid not to thwear…but he’th a Thon of a Bitch” – Franklin to Scathe (referring to Basta) after Basta demonstrated what would happen if he went into places he was told are out-of-bounds.

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Chapter 22: House Keeping
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