Dragon's Last Flight

Chapter 20: The Forgotten Forge

What was lost will again be found...

Characters: Cid, Basta, Darrow, Fayde
Game Date: 25/09/11
Darguun; North Border of Mournland
Lharvion 25, 998YK

Plot Overview:

  • Lady Elayne Cannith arrives in WinterHaven looking for you specifically. She was impressed by your work in finding the lost schema & forge in the Cogs of Sharn and has a new job for you.
  • She wants you to travel to the border between Darguun and the Mournland to recover another lost Forge.
  • During her briefing with you detailing the job she tells you about the Forgotten Forge; This one was known only by House Cannith when the House was at it’s peak and since the hierarchy of Cannith was wiped out during the Mourning its where abouts (along with much of the House’s History and secrets have been hard to come by. In fact she found it herself and has come to you to find it.
  • She also expresses concern that there was a group sent by the King’s Lantern (The Breland secret service) to try to find and claim the forge to use as leverage over the House, that is just hearsay though and she can not prove it.
  • When asked why go outside the house she simply explains that you had done such a good job for her that it was a logical move. When Fayde and Cid press her further she admits that due to the inner turmoil within Cannith at the moment trust is something that is easier to be found with them than within.
  • She offers 500g up front to each of them. Any items they find that don’t appear to be specifically belonging to Cannith can be kept by the team and she is providing you with her Airship to get them to the area on the border that she has narrowed the search to.
  • She offers more money upon their return depending on what information and what else they find.
  • She also warns them that she MAY not be the first person to discover this forge and thanks to its proximity to the Mournland they should exercise extreme Caution.
  • The team arrives without incident, and after a little searching find an entrance into the forge they walk in and see that there has been some recent movement in the cave. Goblins make an attack
  • Leaving no survivors, Fayde grabs a set of armour from one of the hobgoblins and dons it shifting to look like its previous owner, the group moves quickly into the cave’s tunnels. In the tunnel leading into the complex Cid triggers a ward protecting the hall (TWICE) it does some big damage to the team and they trudge on more determined.
  • At the end of the tunnel a hole is smashed into a wall. Beyond is a room finely wrought of white stone with gray-green veins and flecks. A large arcane contraption of metal and stone stands in the center of the room, the veins in the room tie into it and flow up and around the object to a large purple crystal at it’s top.
  • Standing about the room are creatures like warforged. Some are incomplete or worn with time, while others have fared better with time. One appears to have a sheathe of flesh that has been cut or torn away in places, revealing inner workings of a warforged that are thinner than your standard model.
  • As the team enters the eyes of the constructs glow with the same purple as that of the crystal and they lurch to life.
  • The team takes a beating from the warforged. As soon as they disable one the machine seems to turn them back on again. Basta studies the machine in hopes of shutting it down. Darrow, taking a more direct approach, tries to shoot it to shut it down by force. After multiple psychic rebutals from the machine that left Darrow feeling LESS than perfect he runs up next to Basta and Fayde, who has gone to help leaving Cid to hold off the animated ’forged, lays his hands on the machine and closes his eyes and concentrates for a few moments and the machine shuts down, along with the forged it was controlling.
  • Basta, thanks to help from Fayde and Darrow, realizes that he can reprogram the machine to attack anyone else and not the team anymore.
  • They head up the north door and come to a room where they hear other goblins talking normally, unaware of the heroes outside.
  • Fayde takles on the role of his new face and casually walks into the room and uses the communication rings to relay the layout of the room and its inhabitants.
  • He lulls the Goblins into thinking that the adventurers have given up and then they burst into the room.
  • The battle in tight quarters goes fairly well for the team, until Fayde tosses a bedroll at a Goblin attacking Cid. The goblin ducks at JUST the right time and the bedroll hits Cid; Cid then thinks that Fayde is one of the other goblins and makes a couple attacks at him.
  • Near the end of the fight everyone is quite tired and Cid has lost all patience. They capture the last remaining Hobgoblin who surrenders and they interrogate him a bit.
  • While the others are questioning, Fayde searches the room and finds a locked trap door.
  • Cid asks the prisoner where the door leads, the goblin doesn’t know and replies as such. Cid hauls him to the door and asks again. Again gets the same reply.
  • Cid, uncharacteristically short tempered and almost angry grabs the goblin and picks him up and uses HIM to open the trap door. Killing him with a broken neck as his head hits the door open at an unnatural angle
  • The Heroes descend into the dark tunnel.

Memorable lines:

  • “Let’s find out then” Cid to the Hobgoblin prisoner while picking him and using its body as the lock pick

UnAnswered Questions:


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